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Fiji Diving in Paradise


A blog about scuba diving in the Fiji Islands by Terri Gortan of PARADISE TAVEUNI, the best dive resort in the Fiji Islands. This blog highlights Fiji Diving and share some inside news from PARADISE…


FIJI SCUBA DIVING SPECIAL Love to Scuba Dive in Fiji?   Well you're going to love our SCUBA DIVER SPECIAL: 5 nights in Paradise in an Oceanview air conditioned Bure All meals- full cooked breakfast, 1 course lunch 2 course dinner per person 3 day Unlimited Dive Package - 3 tank boat dives + shore [...]


GET YOUR PADI OPEN WATER CERTIFICATION IN PARADISE Learn to scuba dive in Paradise! As a PADI Dive centre, Paradise offers many dive courses for you to enjoy during your Fiji Vacation. Our Paradise Taveuni Dive Instructors are patient, caring and take time to ensure students know and understand all the skills needed to enjoy the underwater world. We recommend that you [...]


What to Expect When Scuba Diving in Fiji & Exploring Coral Reefs Coral Reefs represent one of the world's most spectacular beauty spots. Rainbow Reef The mention of coral reefs generally brings to mind warm climates, colorful fishes and clear waters. However, the reef itself is actually a component of a larger ecosystem.   They [...]

Diving In Paradise

Taveuni's nickname "Garden Island" applies not only to the landscape, but also to the underwater coral gardens. Taveuni is ''The Soft Coral Capital of the World'' and Paradise is in the heart of it - here you will experience some of the best diving in Fiji, if not the world. Paradise Taveuni is the only resort on the [...]

Beautiful Colourful Starfish

Sea Star in Paradise Starfish, sea lilies, feather stars, sea urchins and other colourfully named creatures belong to the group known as echinoderms (meaning spiny skinned). Starfish or sea stars are star-shaped echinoderms belonging to the class Asteroidea. Taveuni is a popular destination for Tourists and travelers world over. Allow yourself to discover not only the [...]

MJ (DMT) on 100th Dive

Bula Everyone! My name is M.J.  I’m the new Dive Master in Training (and aspiring Blogger) at the Dive Shop, here at Paradise Taveuni Resort.  I hail from the desert of Arizona, where over the years I have filled a variety of roles from Bartender to Archaeologist.  I’m a lover of reading, chips and guacamole, over [...]

Dive The Pristine Vuna Reef!

Vuna reef is an amazing underwater paradise.  Vuna reef is located on the southern tip of Taveuni island and is a purely magical place. It has more than 10 specific dive sites with its own special features and each attracting a variety of different marine life. A holiday in Taveuni without diving the Vuna reef is an [...]

Sara and James, DMTs

Sara and James, our Dive Masters in training (DMTs) are now halfway through their stay and well in to the courses.  They are currently completing the mapping exercise and have recorded the house reef in detail. But this isn’t the first time they’ve documented the undersea world.  Just a couple months the were working at [...]

The Taveuni Explorer

The new boat has arrived.  The 45-foot Taveuni Explorer has returned from Nadi where it was dry-docked and fully refurbished.  It is returning home.  The boat was originally laser cut in Australia and assembled in Taveuni 21 years ago by Spencer Tarte who’s family has lived in southern Taveuni since the late 1800s.  It has [...]

First Descent at Vuna Village dive site

With Cyclone Pam around Vanuatu kicking up a fuss, giving us wind and rain from the north, we decided to look for some new shore dives on the south side of the island.  Vuna village has always welcomed us to come visit so we decided to ask the chief if we could dive Vuna reef from their [...]