Fijian Village Tour

Visit a Fijian village where the local people live in the traditional Fijian community and prepare and produce tapa (bark cloth) and woven mats. The women work hard to prepare the pandanus leaves by boiling them, stripping them with shells to remove thorny edges, then drying the leaves in racks for days until they are dry enough to weave into beautifully handcrafted mats. Learn how the village women use bark from the paper mulberry tree to make tapa. You can buy an authentic tapa or woven mat from the ladies to help the local community.  Ladies are asked to have covered shoulders and for all to remove hats and sunglasses when entering the village. Bring your sulu to wear when entering the local villages. This is seen as a sign of respect to our local village neighbours.

Historic Catholic Church

The Holy Cross Church and Wairiki Catholic Mission was built in 1907 and overlooks Somosomo Strait. An important canoe battle took place on this beach in the mid-17th Century. The mission was built to thank the French Missionary who helped the local warriors to win the battle. The Mass each Sunday is in Fijian and the church choir singing is certainly something to experience. The stained glass is imported from France and in the presbytery there is a painting of the famous battle. Take the local open-air bus for an interesting, scenic and slow paced ride to town.

Fiji Night

It’s Lovo Night

Fiji Night is dedicated to the culture and people of this mystical tropical paradise! Begin your evening with a traditional Fijian lovo feast, a culinary voyage through authentic Fijian food. Here is your chance to learn how to prepare, bury and cook the Fijian delicacies in the lovo fire. This Fijian version of a roast dinner consists of fish, organic beef, chicken and root crops, wrapped in coconut leaves, cooked over hot stones in an underground oven (lovo) and unearthed straight to the carving table for your enjoyment.

Before dinner, sit down with one of our local staff members to learn how to weave
coconut fronds into traditional baskets, learn to speak a little Fijian, and how to tie your sulu to be fashionable in the local attire. After dinner, you are entertained by the Paradise Cultural Group as they perform a Meke (traditional Fijian dancing). Then join the villagers and staff for a Yaqona (Kava) Ceremony complete with storytelling, dancing and serenading. This weekly event is a true Fijian experience not to be missed.


“I have to say Fiji Night and our kava ceremonies will stay in our hearts forever. It felt as we had been welcomed into their families. What beautiful individuals they are.   Maikeli is a gem. A truly wonderful person. Very knowledgeable and so willing to share his tradition. He made our activities & tours so fantastic. Terry & Allan you have a wonderful place and you have made it an amazing holiday. Jessica & Thomas are the sweetest little children and so very lucky to have been raised here in the wonderful setting. We will cherish each memory and picture of your family. We are so sad to leave.  I am always ready to go home after week’s holiday. But here two weeks just wasn’t enough.  I hope you will enjoy memories of our dive group as much as you have touched our lives.
Vinaka. Thank you so very much.”
Jim & Shannon Austin, Canada

Other Cultural Experiences:

  • Coconut Tree Climbing
  • Sulu tying demonstration
  • Learn to speak Fijian
  • Fond Weaving
  • Bury the lovo (30 minute demonstration)
  • Fiji Library, Book Exchange and Board Games
  • Guided Hike- Cannibal Tour
  • Guided Tour- Southern Blow Hole Tour
  • Garden Tour
  • Local Market Shopping Trip