February 19, 2018

Coral Reefs represent one of the world’s most spectacular beauty spots.

Rainbow Reef

The mention of coral reefs generally brings to mind warm climates, colorful fishes and clear waters. However, the reef itself is actually a component of a larger ecosystem.

They are the foundation of marine ecosystem, housing tens of thousands of marine species. Many divers come to Paradise Taveuni just to witness the excellent soft coral blooms.

The Great White Wall

The nutrient rich waters promise plenty of pelagic fish species when diving in Taveuni.

For this reason, coral reefs are often referred to as the”rainforests of the oceans.” They are important fishery and nursery areas, and more recently have proved to be very important economically as tourist attractions.

Paradise Taveuni offers each divers opportunities to discover the beauty underneath the Taveuni waters.

Dive into Paradise!

Stay in Paradise during your vacation and get to dive in coral reefs.

You can choose from our 50% OFF DIVE SPECIALS valid till March, 2018 and pick the one that suits your needs.

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