Taveuni’s wild interior makes it perfect for exploring on foot. Our local guides will lead you on hikes from Paradise allowing you to discover rainforests, rare birds, local fruits, waterfalls and more about the culture of Taveuni and the Fijian people.

Bouma National Heritage Park & Lavena Coastal Walk

Enjoy a scenic coastal drive to the Bouma National Heritage Park to discover the beauty of the Tavoro Waterfalls. There are three waterfalls here, each with natural swimming pools. A 10-minute walk takes you to the most famous waterfall of Fiji.  There you can decide whether to go onward to the picturesque second and third falls. The views along the way to these 2 higher falls are spectacular. If you bring your snorkeling gear, you’ll be able to see the hundreds of prawns in the water.

You may also wish to experience another one of Taveuni’s natural wonders – The Lavena Coastal Walk. A 3-hour return hike along a coastal rainforest track leads to another tropical waterfall. About halfway along the trek, watch for the bizarre rock pedestals formed by the erosion of the coral base along the coast. Further ahead is a suspension bridge. To reach the falls at the end of the trail, you have to clamber over rocks and swim a short distance through two deep pools.

Return to Paradise, stopping along the way at the interesting and iconic spots on Taveuni.  The Meridian Timeline – one of the few places in the world that you can stand with 1 foot in today and 1 foot in yesterday. The Holy Cross Church – the old catholic mission is located halfway down the island and your guide will tell you stories of a famous battle that the priest helped the Taveuni warriors win. The local shopping area of Naqara where you can browse through handicraft stalls and small local shops for gifts and souvenirs for loved ones back home. The Waitavala Waterslide – a natural rock waterslide made from the erosion of water over rocks making the stones smooth to slide down – your guide will show you how to enjoy like a local.

Southern Blowhole Hike from Paradise

A scenic 2 hour one way hike through villages and coconut plantations and you arrive at the famous ‘Southern Blowhole’, the only blowhole on Taveuni. It was created by the forces of nature combining volcanic molten lava and the cooling attributes of the ocean. Water on the incoming tide can shoot up to 50 metres into the sky. We suggest visiting this spot on an upcoming tide. 2 hour hike back to Paradise passes through the village promoting smiles and waves from the villagers on you way through. Take a water bottle, hat and your camera.