Paradise Taveuni is the only resort on the island offering diving on pristine Vuna Reef and legendary Rainbow Reef. With over 40 dive sites to offer, you won’t visit the same site twice, unless you want to.

Every day, divers from all over the world choose Paradise Taveuni to experience the extraordinary formations of hard and soft corals and an abundance of fish life including: Anemone fish, Maori Wrasse, Lionfish, Reef Sharks, Rays, Turtles and much, much more. With a variety of deep wall drop off’s and shallow drift dives; there is something here for every diver.

Whether you are just learning, or have been diving your whole life, Paradise will offer you plenty of opportunities to explore the amazing underwater life of Fiji.

Nitrox in Paradise: 

Paradise has the only Nitrox compressor on Taveuni, right in to the Paradise Dive Shop on site and we now offer Nitrox tanks to our divers for only FJ$25 per tank.

Paradise now offers the Enriched Air Diver Specialty Course and it’s easy to see why Nitrox is so incredibly popular – no decompression time means more underwater time, especially on repetitive scuba dives. You can typically stay down longer and get back into the water sooner. No wonder we are seeing may Paradise divers enjoying the benefits of Nitrox diving.

New Dive Boat in Paradise:


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Only Paradise Dive Boats dive Rainbow Reef Dive Sites and Vuna Reef Sites

Scuba Diver Specails

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