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About Us

Paradise Taveuni is owned and operated by Allan and Terri Gortan originally from Australia. Together with their dedicated Team of Fijian staff, they will strive to give you the BEST Vacation you have experienced.

Allan has been a Chef for the last 23 years, having worked in many Restaurants in Melbourne and their home town on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Terri’s background is Hospitality, having worked in many Resorts in the Whitsunday Islands and all around Australia.

Allan and Terri were enticed to Fiji in early 2000 working in a larger Resort in Nadi for over 4 years. Here they both learned a great deal about the Hospitality and Resort Industry and decided to find a place to call their own. They also were able to adopt their two children, Jessica and Thomas, from Suva and they all moved to Taveuni to discover Paradise in 2006.

Paradise was transformed from a previously un-cared for hostel for budget travellers to its current 4 star glory over the last 7 years.

Allan and Terri take pride in their work and their Paradise and enjoy greeting and meeting their Guests from all over the world. Jessica and Thomas are Home Schooled by an expatriate primary school teacher and enjoy the company of their local Fijian friends most weekends. They also love to play with the Resort’s younger Guests and their 3 dogs, Beethoven, Brownie, and Bella.

Paradise Taveuni - Gortan Family

Paradise Taveuni, formerly known as Susie’s Plantation Resort, is just north of Vuna Point at the southern end of Taveuni, one of the island’s most beautiful areas.  Set on an elevated piece of land, Paradise offers impressive sea and sunset views and plenty of strategically placed hammocks and sun lounges from which to enjoy them.  The bures and vales are an incredible way to experience Fiji.  With the completion of the new vales, Paradise now offers 16 accommodation choices, including; 5 Oceanfront Bures, 5 Tropical Bures, and 6 new air-conditioned Oceanfront Vales.  Paradise and its wonderful staff present you a great look into Fijian culture and the wonderful mystic islands of Fiji.

Much of Taveuni’s coastline is rugged and set against some of Fiji’s highest peaks. Des Voeux Peak reaches up 1195m and the cloud shrouded Mt Uluiqalau, at 1241m, is country’s second highest summit,  offering some of the best views in Fiji and making Taveuni a great hiking destination.  Covered in coconut trees, Taveuni is known for being the Garden Island of Fiji because the abundance of its flora.  About 60 percent of the land is Tropical Rainforest, and the volcanic soil makes Taveuni one of Fiji’s most fertile areas. While the northeast of Taveuni is fringed by reefs, the southwest has deep water close to shore.  Taveuni, free from poisonous snakes and spiders, is a bird watchers dream as well.

With Rainbow Reef and Vuna Reef just a short boat ride away, Paradise Taveuni offers you some of the best diving in the world. Fiji, known for being the soft coral capital of the world, will give you some of the most memorable dives of your life exploring astounding soft corals and diverse marine life, all on the world-famous Somosomo Strait.  With over 40 sites on hand, Paradise offers divers like The Great White Wall, Orgasm, The Zoo and many more dive sites that you will reminisce on for the rest of your life.

Please Visit our gallery to see some photos of Paradise, Taveuni, and the amazing under water life of Fiji!


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Paradise is an award winning resort, 6 years running.

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