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Bula and Welcome to Paradise!

Paradise Taveuni has been recently remodelled and all accommodation and other facilities are BRAND NEW.

We are proud to be the NEWEST RESORT ON TAVEUNI!

Please note, the images on this website of the accommodation and main bure feature steeped thatched roofs. Our new accommodation and main bure now have different roofs, however all other features are as they seem in the images you see. We are excitedly waiting on our new professional photographers to capture our new roofs and new Resort. New images of the roofs will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in Paradise for more details about the remodelling.

About Us at ParadiseinFiji

Looking for an adventurous vacation at an exotic island? With over 300 islands and 500 islets, Fiji is the perfect spot and we, at ParadiseinFiji, ensure that you get the best of Fiji when here. Pristine islands, azure blue sky, blue lagoons and palm trees all makeup this country in Oceania one of the most desired and exotic destinations in the world.

Want a family vacation? Fiji’s the perfect place! On a budget? We’ve got you covered! Want to challenge the adventurer in you? Fiji holds the key! Looking for a romantic escape? Nothing better place than a quiet, romantic escape that is Fiji!

Offering the best scuba diving experiences in the most picturesque and serene water bodies, your family holidays to Fiji are bound to be a once in a lifetime kind of a trip with ParadiseinFiji!

Book with us now to make the most out of your vacations in Fiji!

Why Should You Book Your Vacations With ParadisinFiji

In addition to being the best at what we do, there are the following reasons that should compel you to choose us over all others:

  • We have a body of experts. There are tour guides, scuba teachers, kayaking experts, you name it, we have it! We won’t just let you wander off unarmed and unsafe. You will get the best teachers and learn the best precautionary measures with us!
  • We have a dedicated team that will assist you with everything. From hotel bookings to the trip itinerary, we will give you the best packages and make sure there is no stone unturned.
  • Who wouldn’t want to marry in Fiji or plan a Fiji honeymoon? If you are looking for such services, we will host the wedding of your dreams for you! We know the best places that are perfect for beach weddings and we find the ultimate getaways for the newlyweds in Fiji.
  • We have extremely economical package holidays to Fiji for those on a budget. Simultaneously, we have packages that involve everything and anything money can buy for those who are on a luxury vacation.
  • We have won many accolades over the years, which means are claims are not hollow! We promise and we deliver!

Activities that You Can Enjoy In Fiji

Fiji is the ultimate wonderland. With variety in terrain and ideal temperature all year round, it is the ultimate vacation spot. The possibilities are endless. Set in a backdrop as exquisite as that of Fiji, all activities are bound to become so much more interesting.

Here is a list of things you can do while in Fiji. Though this does not define your trip itinerary, it is ideal if you try at least some of the following to get a taste of the real Fiji.

Village Tours

Fiji is a culturally rich land. It has some fascinating traditions and customs that are especially interesting for tourists. To really experience life in Fiji, a trip to its villages is mandatory! There are quite a few if you go trekking into the Viti Levu Mountains. When you’re there, do try their kava. It’s one of the best! The Nadi area will also provide a good glimpse into the Fijian lifestyle. Most mountain trails will lead you to one village or the other. So if you really want to get into the Fijian culture and discover it, just follow your instinct and you are sure to land in an amazing village, filled with friendly locals who are always willing to help.

Fijian Cuisine

Fijian food is healthy, scrumptious and light. They believe in a very natural diet which makes it ideal for tourists. Since there are no added spices, there is little is any chance of an upset stomach that is a regular occurrence during traveling. The most common ingredients are bananas, sweet potatoes, taros, rice, coconut, cassava and some leafy veggies. Of course there’s fish! Some of the famous essentially Fijian dishes that everyone must try include kokodo, palusami and lovo.

If you are interested, you can even take cooking classes on your holidays to Fiji that we can arrange for you. This way you will take a little bit of the Fijian culture forever with you!


Whether you’ve come to try kayaking or are here to go for complete sea kayaking adventure spanning over days, we can customize the package for you! The Yasawa Islands are the most “kayak-ed” waters in the region which are in the north. You can also choose to kayak in the Kasavu Islands that are equally beautiful.

Kayaking is one activity that resonates with the loves of the locals as well. They are a hardworking lot and because of being surrounded by water from all sides need to travel via boat a lot. Kayaking is thus bound to give you a good idea of how an average Fijian lives his life.

So pick up those oars and give us a heads up! We will make an exciting kayaking adventure is waiting for you!

Mountain Treks

If you want to enjoy the natural greenery of the mountains, there are mountain trekking options available. Whether it is a family trip or some Fiji honeymoon packages that you have availed, the trekking will be equally wonderful. You may even challenge yourself and trek all the way up to Mount Tomanivi, the highest mountain in Fiji.  There are a number of other mountain areas that are a delight to trek on. The Abaca trekking trail provides with amazing sights and a number of villages that will add to the cultural aspect of the trip. You also have the option of trekking all the way up to the Tavuni Hill Fort. Only its ruins are left but it provides for a great insight into the history of Fiji.

Sigatoga Sand Dunes are perhaps one of the hardest to reach via trekking because of a lack of trail but surely worth the effort. With the sea on one side and the raging mountains on the other, walking on the sand dunes is relaxing and a sight for sore eyes.


In Fiji and not going for snorkeling? That’s something you are sure to regret. With some of the best views and marine life, diving in Fiji waters is a life changer. With so many islands, you have a plethora of options. Moreover, if you are afraid of diving directly into the sea, we have highly skilled guides and teachers who will show you exactly what to do. We also offer a number of different snorkeling tours.

Some islands that are considered the best for snorkeling include Beqa, Navini and Matamanoa. They have an abundance of sea creatures with gropers in caves and lobsters of different kinds. If money is not a concern, you may want to go to Royal Davui for snorkeling! It does not matter which island you choose to go to; Fiji is equally beautiful!

Book your snorkeling tours now and enjoy an amazingly adventurous trip to Fiji!

Waterfall Trips

Nature has blessed Fiji with a number of breathtaking sights but nothing compares to its waterfalls. A landscape abundant with sandy beaches and rugged mountains and waterfalls are a common sight in the bigger islands. However, these beauties are nestled in some remote areas and to enjoy their beauty, you will have trek through jungles and villages, almost like in a movie. Taveuni and Viti Levu are two must-go islands if you want to see waterfalls.

The Tavaro Waterfalls, Savu-i-one Waterfalls, Biausevu Waterfalls and Wainibau Waterfalls are scenic places, hidden in the wilderness of Fiji. Other falls include Uru, Vereni, Luvu, Waitavala and Savulevu. Each is a wonder in its own right.

We offer cheap Fiji vacations that are perfect for every budget but do not make you miss out on anything that this beautiful country has to offer!


Because of the ideal location of the islands, Fiji boasts one of the best ocean ecosystems with tropical currents which also make the area an ideal breeding ground. Whether you are an amateur enthusiast or a pro at fishing, there are more than enough fertile areas to cater to everybody. The variety of fish found includes Tuna, mahi mahi and wahoo. Other big fish such as Marlin and the Spanish Mackeral can also be found here.

The best islands to go for fishing are Viti Levu, Kadavu, Bega, Nagigia and the list goes on. Feast on some freshly caught fish and cook it on the sea side yourself to complete your fishing adventure.

Scuba Diving

Fiji scuba diving is one activity that no one must say no to. With a decently evolved ecosystem and healthy amount of variety, scuba diving is mandatory. You will come across some breathtakingly exquisite coral reefs and unique species of fish. Flaunting a diverse marine life, Fiji under the water is even more beautiful than it is on ground. And hence, it is important for anybody who goes to Fiji to try this sport.

Although all of Fiji is a dreamland under water, islands like Taveuni, Viti Levu and Beqa Lagoon, are especially frequented for the purpose of scuba diving. If you are a beginner and do not know much about it, there are experts who can teach you and assist you. There are even certain areas where only learners go for scuba diving to make them more comfortable and for the pros to do their thing in peace. Viti Levu also offers shark-feeding dives that are quite the adrenaline rush.

Book your scuba diving lessons in Fiji now and explore the water world with its magnificent views and calm aura!

Water Sports

Fiji is the ideal place for adrenaline junkies. Since the place is filled with islands, water sports are common. So if thrill is what you have in mind, Fiji is the right place! Here there are underwater sports like snorkeling and scuba diving in Fiji. So whether you are here on your honeymoon or with family, make it adventurous and try some of these awesome sports to make the trip more exciting and memorable.

Destination Weddings

If you are thinking what destination weddings have to do with activities that you can do in Fuji, you are in for a surprise! Fuji is increasingly becoming a popular destination for weddings. With amazing landscape and a beautiful horizon any direction you look into, Fuji is any couple’s dream wedding destination. It also provides for a great private and romantic escapade after the wedding.

Natural and serene, the Fiji islands make for the perfect backdrop and the ultimate place to begin a new life. Book your dream weddings with us and we will make sure we arrange for everything on your behalf.

Is Fiji THE Vacation Spot?

Yes, without doubt Fiji is one of the finest places. It has something for everyone. For the history buff, it has ruins. For the culture enthusiasts, it has the rich village life and their unique customs to explore. For the adventure seeker, it has water sports, trekking and what not. For the foodie, it has a healthy and delectable cuisine. For the old, there are enough resorts where they can laze around and enjoy the sunsets. For the young, there is enough going on with beach parties and exciting underwater sports to keep them busy.

Do you still need to ask if Fiji is the best vacation spot?

Book your Fiji holidays now to enjoy some tropical sun and adventure! Paradise in Fiji will make sure it fulfils all your desires!