Surf trip to Qamea

To the north of Taveuni is the island of Qamea (pr: gah-may-ah) with one of the best hidden surf breaks in Fiji. Most days are good for the beginner surfer who wants to get out there without fighting for a spot in the lineup or the retired surfer who hasn’t paddled out in a few years. Local guides who know the break can teach you the basics and make sure you find the best take-off point. If you get lucky and there’s a northeast wind and a strong southern swell you can get some perfect little barrels that are just right for the intermediate surfer. The reef is more forgiving than some of the bigger spots and the wave’s not too massive. While everyone else is at cloudbreak you may even have the spot to yourself. If you get snaked and there’s no waves, the snorkeling’s epic and picturesque island is worth the trip itself.

Our friendly Tour Desk Team can arrange transportation to Qamea to check out this awesome surf break.